Toyota R154

Toyota R154 Specification

The R154 is a standard 5-speed transmission, with 5 ahead equipment as well as a straight-cut reverse equipment. The factor for the toughness of the transmission appears to see also by the nude eye. The exterior housing and also the equipment themselves are credibly sized for a performance-oriented transmission.

 As with the majority of Toyota driveline elements, the R154 is of professional style and also building.

supra-carThe weak factor, nonetheless, is the very first equipment drive machine. Being of an actors design, this component is vulnerable to failing if the box is mistreated with Group A.

  • ¬†Misuse or abuse of the transmission
  • When the transmission is made use of with a high-clamp and/or switch clutch,
  • Big-horsepower applications

The R154 Weak Factor

The most convenient solution for this weak point is to brighten on the transmission and also treat it with regard. For transmission proprietors with much less self-discipline, the very best alternative is to have actually the transmission damaged down and also reconstructed with a brand-new drive washer machine constructed from chromoly for additional toughness.

The component itself is rather economical (around AUD$ 26.50), nevertheless the harm it could trigger in case of failing is fairly humbling. The very first equipment bearing takes the impact of this failing as a result of being situated before the drive washing machine.

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In much more extreme failings, or if the automobile remains to be driven after a failing, several of the equipments will certainly have to be changed. Equipment alone has actually been valued at AUD$ 550. Not an economical workout, as well as one much better prevented.

In a best globe the suitable option is to change the R154 with a V16x transmission from a Mk4 Supra. These are considerably more powerful as well as much more commonly verified behind big-horsepower 2JZ engine combos.


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