A80 TSRM Manual

A80 TSRM –  Service Repair Manual

  • Introduction
    Introduction to the A80 TSRM , repair instructions and general information.
  • General Maintenance 
    Maintenance and inspection which are considered to be the owner’s responsibility.
    They can be done by the owner or at a service shop.
  • Engine Mechanical (2JZ-GTE)
    Engine diagrams, step by step inspection guide to the engine and basic troubleshooting on the 2JZ.
  • Engine Mechanical (2JZ-GE)
  • Turbocharger System
    Turbocharger parts and illustration & troubleshooting.

    Hint: Before troubleshooting the turbocharger, check first the engine  components like the valve clearance, engine compression, ignition timing etc.
  • Emission Control Systems (2JZ-GTE)
    Emission control   illustration and guide on how to do basic troubleshooting
  • Emission Control Systems (2JZ-GE)
  • EFI System (2JZ-GTE)
    Fuel Injection components and diagrams, step by step guide & troubleshooting.
  • EFI System (2JZ-GE)
  • Cooling System
    Coolant inspection,  replacement and installation.
  • Lubrication System
    Lubrication system illustration components and parts, specifications  and  troubleshooting.
  • Ignition System (2JZ-GTE)
    Ignition system diagrams, specifications & troubleshooting.
  • Ignition System (2JZ-GE)
  • Starting System
    Starting system on- vehicle inspection, starter components, disaasembly and Reassembly, starter relay inspection.
  • Charging System
    Charging system precautions notes, charger inspection guide, generator components diagram.
  • Clutch
    Clutch troubleshooting problem symptoms table, inspection guide on troubleshooting.
  • Manual Transmission (V160)
    Manual Transmission diagrams, specifications & troubleshooting.
  • Automatic Transmission (2JZ-GTE)
    Automatic Transmission diagrams, specifications and  troubleshooting. Inspection guide to sensor motor, vehicle speed sensor park/neutral position switch and more.
  • Automatic Transmission (2JZ-GE)
  • Propeller Shaft
    Propeller Shaft assembly and installation on its components.
  • Suspension & Axle
    Suspension & Axle diagrams, specifications & troubleshooting.
  • Brake System
    If the vehicle is equipped with a mobile communication system, refer to the precaution in the manual.
  • Steering
    Steering diagrams, specifications & troubleshooting.
  • SRS Airbag
    SRS system diagrams, specifications & troubleshooting.
  • Body Electrical
    Body Electric diagrams, specifications & troubleshooting.
  • Body (Chassis)
    Body (Chassis) diagrams, specifications & troubleshooting.
  • Air Conditioning System
    The Toyota SUPRA is equipped with Supplemental Restraint System, which comprises a driver airbag, front passenger airbag. Failure to carry out service operations in the exact sequence could cause the SRS to unex-
    pectedly deploy during servicing, possibly leading to a serious accident.
  • Service Specifications
    Service Specifications – Mechanical & Electrical.
  • Diagnostics
    Diagnostics and Electrical troubleshooting in accordance with the procedure in the manual.
  • Electrical Wiring Diagrams
    Electrical Wiring Diagrams – Complete Chassis.