JZA80 V160 Specifications

Toyota Supra V160 Review by Turbosupras

renault-and-ford-destined-dual-clutch-transmissionThe Supra V160 is also known as the 233. The V160 (233) transmission is developed and also constructed by Getrag Gmbh Germany and also is an inline 6 rate handbook transmission using a 3 area cast aluminium real estate (clutch, back & more advanced).
The transmission itself is completely synchronised as well as showcases three-way cone synchronisers in third as well as very first, dual cone synchronisers in 3rd and also 4th as well as solitary cone synchronisers in 5th, 6th and also reverse.
All equipment are helical as well as are continuously harmonizing.

2JZ-GTE Engine Specs

Specifications of 2JZ-GTE Engine Japanese Domestic Model 5/93 – 8/97

Gear Ratio Km Per 1000rpm*
First 3.827 9.59
Second 2.36 15.55
Third 1.685 21.78
Fourth 1.312 27.97
Fifth 1 36.69
Sixth 0.793 46.27
Reverse 3.28 11.19

*3.266 Final Drive Ratio.

Lubricant Capacity:    1.8 Litres
Oil Specification:    Toyota V160 Gearbox fluid (Getrag Certified), Castrol Transmax Z.
Dry Weight:    51kg

Seals Part Number Price (AUD)
Front Outer Oil Seal 90080-31031 $27.50
Front Inner Oil Seal 90069-08001 $49.75
Rear Oil Seal 90080-31029 $49.75
Main Control Rod Oil Seal 90080-31032 $14.40
Speed Sensor O-Ring 96711-24030 $3.35
Synchronisers Diameter
First & Second gear (#1) 81mm
First & Second gear (#2) 76mm
First & Second gear (#3) 70mm
Third & Fourth gear (#1) 81mm
Third & Fourth gear (#2) 76mm
Fifth & Sixth gear (#1) 84mm
Reverse gear (#1) 72mm


Input shaft  

  • Tapered roller bearing (Clutch housing)
  • Sealed angular contact ball bearing (Pilot bearing)Counter shaft
  • Roller bearing (Clutch housing)
  • Roller bearing (Intermediate housing)
  • Roller bearing (Rear housing)Output shaft 
  • Tapered roller bearing (Intermediate housing)
  • Roller bearing (Rear housing)
    Countershaft Gears    
  • Two row roller bearings

IMG_1567 IMG_1558 IMG_1556 IMG_1556 (1) IMG_1553 IMG_1582 IMG_1578 IMG_1573 IMG_1574 IMG_1570

  1.  Length – Bell housing to Output shaft:    25.6″ (650mm)
  2. Length – Bell housing to End case:    24.4″ (620mm)
  3. Length – Bell housing to Centre of Shifter:    29.7″ (755mm)
    Width – Bell housing:    15.5″ (395mm)
    Width – Gear Case (maximum):    8.5″ (215mm)
  4. Height – Bell housing    14.1″ (358mm)
  5. Height – Gear Case (maximum):    10.63″ (270mm)
  6. Input Shaft OD:    1.33″ (34mm)(A) Drive plate Diameter    252mm
    (B) Drive plate surface area    50mm

V160 Schematic diagram - sideon -new V160 Schematic diagram - sideon gearbox getrag top 2 gearbox input shaft 1 gearbox getrag top 1 gearbox getrag side on 1

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