MA70GA Specifications

The Toyota Supra MA70 Turbo Group A

In this article turbosupras will discussed on the specifications of MA70 Supra by Toyota MoTors Company.

In the zenith  of Group A touring car racing Toyota campaigned the MA70 Supra as a contender in the over three litre category. In total eleven Group A MA70 Supras were manufactured by TRD Japan and raced internationally.

The auto in the images is number 7 of these 11 manufacturing facility created automobiles as well as was competed on the on the Australian Group A touring car circuit by John Smith.It is thought to be among just two  (the various other using heaven BiJo/Fujitsu ten livery as seen on different range designs) staying unharmed.

Group A Interior 4 Group A Interior 2 Group A Interior 3 Group A Interior 1 Group A Exterior 2 Group A Exterior 1

Turbosupras team finds out, that built to the team A formula the specifications of the car are a sign of the times.  Engine requirements consist of:

  • Cast magnesium nine litre oil pan with matching high flow oil pump
  • Knife edged steel crank
  • N/A block hand picked from production line
  • Short skirt Mahle/TRD pistons
  • prepped rods and full floating pins.

Group A Interior 9 Group A Engine Bay 4 Group A Engine Bay 12 Group A Engine Bay 2 Group A Engine Bay 1

Comprehensive porting and also re-shaping of the burning chambers was executed with extra-large titanium shutoffs suited. Camshafts were of 288 level period with their 10.88 mm lift making shim under pails a need along with 100lb shutoff springtimes. The ECU was MAP based instead compared to the conventional AFM which was discovered on the manufacturing MA70 with the exemption of the homologation Turbo A, of which 500 were made.

Group A Interior 9 Group A Engine Bay 11 Group A Engine Bay 12 Group A Engine Bay 9 Group A Engine Bay 10 Group A Engine Bay 8

The turbocharger utilized on the race automobiles was a by-product of the CT-26 device utilized on the Turbo A homologation manufacturing design however with a bigger compressor wheel and also even more notably a bigger wind turbine real estate as well as wheel. The intercooler was of a comparable design core to the roadway going automobiles yet with bigger core location as well as bigger piping. In 1991 the vehicle was running in Sixth area late in the race till sidelined by a power guiding failing of all points.

Group A Interior 8 Group A Interior 7 Group A Interior 6 Group A Interior 5

The car was not as effective as its peers, especially the Ford Sierra and also Nissan Sky line GTR, as its bigger engine ability needed it to go for a greater kerb weight by the Team A policies and because of an absence of advancement about its competitors.

Group A Front Brake 2 Group A Front Brake 1Drive train contained a Hollinger close proportion 5 rate with a straight 5th equipment (all consisted of within the basic Toyota transmission real estate) and also a TRD billet differential just like the systems not similar yet readily offered, confirmed by the service provider not suitable right into a conventional real estate clarifying the somewhat various on the race car. Harrop 4 piston callipers with 15.5 ″ (393mm) Blades were suited in advance, consequently 18 x 12″ rims were called for.

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