Nick, SA, Australia

Australian delivered 1989 4 speed automatic Supra Turbo.

Engine Modifications

  • TRD Inlet manifold.
  • Motec M800 stand alone ECU
  • Lexus AFM with HKS mushroom style Pod Air filter.
  • TRD Group A 1200cc injectors & fuel rail with a custom Reg R Adjustable fuel regulator.

Motec M800 TRD 1150cc Injectors Pic 1 TRD 1150cc Injectors Pic 2 TRD 1150cc Injectors Pic 4 TRD Fual Rail Pic 2 TRD Fuel Rail Pic 1

  • TRD Group A race motor
  • TRD crankshaft, nitrided and polished.
  • TRD (Mahle) forged pistons
  • TRD 8 Litre Magnesium sumptrdsump_2 trdsump_1
  • TRD Hi flow oil pump and modified pickup
  • Conrods polished & converted to run full floating bearings
  • Compression ratio has been reduced to 7:1

TRD head with aversive valves, CC’d combustion chambers, ported intake and exhaust ports, port matched manifolds.


HKS 1.2mm Stopper type Metal Head gasket
TRD Group A 65mm Throttle body

TRD GPA 65mm Throttle Body Pic 1 TRD GPA 65mm Throttle Body Pic 2 TRD GPA 65mm Throttle Body Pic 3 TRD GPA 65mm Throttle Body Pic 4 TRD GPA 65mm Throttle Body Pic 5

TRD Race spec camshafts with the follow specifications
Camshaft intake duration 288°
Camshaft exhaust duration 288°
Camshaft lift 12mm @ 50 Thou duration
TRD Titanium Cam sprockets

TRD Cam & Piston Pic 1 TRD Cam & Piston Pic 2 TRD Cam 288 Duration & 10.9 Lift Pic A TRD Cam 288 Duration & 10.9 Lift Pic B

  • HKS Jap spec intercooler with tanks top and bottom. engine_bay_2
  • HKS Super Sequential compressor bypass valve
  • Custom HPC coated intercooler pipes,

Transmission  & Differential Modifications

Automatic transmission rebuilt by M V Automatics, with custom clutch set up & valve body & 4000RPM Stall converterTRD GPA Two Way LSD Pic 1
Two transmission coolers have been used.
4.33 ratio gears have replaced the factory 3.73 gears.
*TRD Group A differential housing with 3.2 gears – soon to be running 4.11’s

Turbocharger, Intercooler, Intake & Exhaust Modifications

A Garrett GT35/40 700HP Turbocharger has been fitted,manifold_4 manifold_5
Custom tuned length exhaust manifold, HPC coated.
A Turbosmart 45mm external waste gate has been used

Suspension, Brakes & Wheels
Tokico shock absorbers  with King springs & HKS TEMS controller.

wheels_6 wheels_5 wheels_4 wheels_3 wheels_2 exterior_1

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