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2016-geneva-auto-showWe’re currently giving the site a major overhaul, this is to improve the navigation of the site, as well as implement more technical orientated material, like ‘how to do’ stuff and what’s involved in certain modifications.

Please bear with us as we’re sure you’ll enjoy the new and improved, www.turbosupras.com


The Turbosupras Team.

Turbosupras.com Site Update

Modified Supra specifications pages to include all information within one page.

Currently performing a write up on the auto to manual conversion of a JZA80, details to come shortly.


Turbosupras.com wishes everybody a happy ’06.

Forums have been re-implemented and are fully functional, unfortunately all old discussions & usernames have been lost.

Updated Jon’s page, including new pictures of the car after a wash, polish & wax and the installation of Series II tail lights. His page can be found in the JZA80’s members section.

Updated Fredrik’s webpage, including a dozen new pictures. His page can be found in the MA70 members section.

Added Cin’s JZA70 page, which includes his 1990 JZA70 running a 2JZ-GTE with 6 speed Getrag transmission & Export spec turbochargers. His page can be found in the JZA70 members section.

Added a new member, Cin’s 2001 Royal Sapphire Blue JZA80. His page can be found by clicking here or by going to the Members Cars section.


Minor update, some restructuring amongst the site under the Supra Specifications section, a new member will be added shortly.

My TRD Cluster has arrived from Japan, it utilises the N/A 10k Tacho, however with a few small modifications it works perfectly when being fed signals from the turbo ignitor, a picture of the cluster installed can be found here Night Shot & Day Shot.

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