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JZA80 CT20 Turbochargers

Japanese CT20 Ceramic Turbocharger Specs The Japanese CT20 Ceramic Turbocharger specifications and detailed information. Below you will find detailed specifications and facts on the JDM JZA80 CT20 ceramic turbochargers along with known limitations of these turbochargers. The CT20 turbocharger is found in pairs on the 2JZ-GTE, which is commonly found in the JZA80 Supra and the

Toyota R154

Toyota R154 Specification The R154 is a standard 5-speed transmission, with 5 ahead equipment as well as a straight-cut reverse equipment. The factor for the toughness of the transmission appears to see also by the nude eye. The exterior housing and also the equipment themselves are credibly sized for a performance-oriented transmission.  As with the